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A Vacant Home is a Vulnerable Home. Leave Your Home in Good Hands with Gamble Home Services!


You shouldn’t have to worry about your island home while you’re away — and you won't have to with Gamble Home Services, Inc. by your side. For the past 22 years, we’ve built our reputation as a reliable property management service provider by treating our clients’ homes as we would our own. With GHS on your side, you'll never worry about the condition of your home. On every visit, your home will be thoroughly inspected. Our team is equipped with the latest software, so they can send you images and a detailed status report while still on-site. To learn more, review our 60-point Inspection Checklist, performed every time we visit your home. 

The GHS 60-point Home Watch Inspection Checklist


The best tools in the business.

Gamble Home Services uses the QRIDit property management reporting software. This 2-minute video explains how the system works and how that benefits our customers. We're dedicated to providing the most reliable and dependable service on the Barrier Islands, and QRIDit helps us do just that!


We Encounter and Avert Many Types of Issues During Our Home Watch Visits, Here are Three Common Types.

Far superior and overall a much better deal than our previous company. Knowing that Gamble Home Services is caring for our property, when we are not there, gives us great peace of mind. Our Home Service Manger, is observant, detailed-oriented, and thoughtful. It really is the little things that ensure our place is ready and welcoming when we arrive.

Ask for Thomas at
843-768-9923 or request more information on our Contact Us page.

I love Gamble Home Services. That’s all that needs to be said. They are so easy to work with and give me piece of mind. I would recommend them to anyone who needs Home Watch services.
— Julie, Kiawah Island

We offer a complete line-up of Property Management services to protect your home.



What You Can Expect from Gamble Home Services

  • A dedicated home service manager to perform your inspections.
  • Our 60-point inspection on every visit.
  • An property managment program tailored to your precise needs.
  • Hassle-free, worry-free, dependable service.
  • Regular inspections to safeguard your property.
  • Swift response in the event something happens.
  • Detailed reports with QRIDit Home & Property Management software.
  • Assurance and peace of mind!