Gamble Home Services

All You Need To Manage Your Rental Property, From The Team At Gamble Home Services!


At Gamble Home Services, we recognize that the needs of our clients are unique, so we offer a full range of rental property support services* to suit a variety of budgets. We can handle all aspects managing your rental units, from rental turn-around cleanings, re-stocking and refreshing of rental amenities and toiletries to home improvement, home maintenance, home repairs, and home service calls. We’re happy to take care of anything you need for your island rental property and home.



*Our rental property support services are designed for homeowners who rent on their own through online booking services such as AirBnB, VRBO and others.


We offer a complete line-up of Worry-free service options to keep your Property Rental-Ready!



Ask about our GREEN CLEAN Initiative

Protection of our delicate natural environment, here in the Lowcountry, is priority for us. Free of charge, we use green, EPA-registered cleaning products and hypoallergenic vacuum equipment to reduce our impact on our environment and your home. We also bring our own materials and wastebasket liners, so you don’t have to waste a dime.


Call us at 843-768-9923 or request more information on our Contact Us page.


Our Promise

It can become expensive to maintain your home due to constant upkeep costs, repairs, amenities, and cleaning—but not with Gamble Home Services. We stand by the goal of bringing our clients a convenient rental property support service that they can rely on.

Unexpected costs can add up over time making them difficult to control. Accidents happen, and when a pipe bursts or the HVAC unit is on the fritz, these problems demand immediate attention. That’s why you need a reliable home management team that you trust to get the job done with experience and efficiency.

At Gamble Home Services, we only bill you for services you use and agree to. If for any reason we determine your home may require repairs or maintenance, we'll let you know about it first. We’ll provide a repair quote and will manage and guarantee the work once you approve.

That is our promise.