What Makes Gamble Home Services Different and Why It Matters To You

Gamble Home Services is a complete Home and Property Management Service for Kiawah, Seabrook and Lower Johns Islands. We service the homes and properties of year-round residents, second home owners and rental property owners. 

We are often asked, “What makes us different?", and it’s a very fair question. When it comes to Home Watch, Housekeeping and Cleaning, Handyman, Home Improvement, Home Maintenance and Repairs, Construction, Remodeling and Renovation, Rental Property Management, Hurricane and Heavy Storm Alerts, Hurricane Preparation and Post-Storm Response, you have a number of providers to choose from here on the Barrier Islands. We believe that GHS offers you the best choice, and below are five clear reasons why.

We are part of the local community

Gamble Home Services has been locally owned and family operated since 1994. We know our neighbors, we love and respect the natural environment, and we are involved in supporting local causes that help our region, such as Cleaning for a Reason®. We are not owned and operated by a corporation in another city or state, we are not a fly-by-night, independent operation working out of the back of a pickup. We are part of the local community, and we plan to be here a long time to come.

Our experience is to your advantage

Having worked in this area for more than 22 years we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that benefit our customers. We have seen nearly every type of issue that can arise from living so close to nature. Many of our customers rely on our Home Watch service when they are away. Often, we are able to recognize signs of trouble before they become major problems, saving our customers time, money and aggravation.

We are fully bonded, insured and licensed

It is illegal for contractors to work without a license and working with an unlicensed contractor can have legal and financial repercussions for property owners. GHS holds a South Carolina Residential Builders License (SBCL) and is fully bonded and insured. The SCBL not only allows us to request permits for any type of residential construction, home improvement, repair, renovation or remodeling project, we can also sub-contract services such as HVAC maintenance and repair, plumbing, carpentry, painting, power washing, window washing, and much more. This means that the work we do for you is guaranteed by us, not a third-party provider. 

We tailor our services to your needs

At Gamble Home Services, we strive to provide you with convenience and attention to detail. We offer a complete Home Service solution, and we can customize our services for your precise needs. For prospective customers, we offer a free, no obligation Whole Home Survey meeting. During this meeting, your personal Home Service Manager will come to your home to pre-inspect your property and outline a Home Services plan for your specific needs. Before any work begins, your plan will be put into writing, along with a clear cost quotation.

We treat you like family

According to a recent, independent customer satisfaction survey, a resounding majority of our customers agree that we are trustworthy, professional, convenient, hospitable and responsive. Our customer, Brian, puts it best, “They’re like family to us. The staff have been excellent to work with. The GHS Team has managed our second home property for more than 11 years on Kiawah Island.” We have a simple code here at GHS, treat the customer right and they will treat you right. It’s as simple as that. 

Gamble Home Services is ready to help you with your home or rental property, call us for any of the following:

  • Professional Home Watch - Absentee homeowner inspections, unoccupied residence or property inspection services.
  • Housekeeping Services - House cleaning, annual and seasonal cleaning, arrival and departure cleaning, maid service, and rental property turnover cleaning services.
  • Handyman Services - Home improvement, home maintenance and repair, HVAC maintenance and repair, plumbing, carpentry, painting, power washing, window washing and much more
  • Award-winning Renovation & Remodeling Services - Fully bonded, insured and licensed building, construction and sub-contracting services.
  • Rental Property Management - Rental turn-around cleanings, and amenity and toiletry re-supply and re-stocking services.
  • Hurricane and Storm Services - Hurricane and heavy storm notification and warning, pre-storm preparations and post-storm response and damage assessment and repair services.

If you would like to learn more about any of the services from Gamble Home Services, please call or email us at 843-768-9923 or email@gamblehomeservices.com or complete our Whole Home Survey request form, and one of our Home Service Managers will contact you to setup an appointment.