Preparing Your Home For A Hurricane

Your home is one of your largest investments, so protecting it from natural disasters, is a top priority on the Barrier Islands. Living on the coast puts you at most risk for wind, thunderstorms and flooding. We are in the middle of the Atlantic hurricane season, which is from June 1 through November 30. Peak season is now, mid-August to late October. That’s why it’s paramount to plan ahead and take some risk out of the equation. 

At Gamble Home Services, our promise is to deliver worry-free home services, even in the case of an emergency such as heavy storms or hurricanes. So before the waves swell, the winds blow and rain starts to pour, get your home reviewed with our free, no obligation Whole Home Survey. These consultations are performed on-site, at your location, and ensure that we are able to properly assess the current state of your property to help avoid unknown risks and other unforeseen circumstances.

Before it’s too late, make sure your home is protected. We'll survey your property, look for potential hazards, signs of leaks or things that can be exasperated by a storm. We'll let you know if your home is ready with our free Whole Home Survey. Call us now (843)-768-9923.

Here are some basic preparedness tips to ensure you and your loved ones are safe in the case of an emergency storm.

  • Know where to go if you are ordered to evacuate. Research the local hurricane evacuation route(s) and make plans for where you can stay. Be sure to contact your local emergency management agency. Here are the evacuation procedures for Kiawah IslandSeabrook Island and for the coast of South Carolina
  • Compile a disaster supply kit. Key essentials include flashlights, batteries, cash, first aid supplies, and copies of important documentation if you need to evacuate. 
  • If your area is not evacuated and you are planning to stay at your home, make sure you have plenty of supplies if you lose power or water. Stock your pantry with plenty of nonperishable items and bottled water. 

For more resources on preparing your home and family for a hurricane, visit or 

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